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5 Breastfeeding Problems Young Mom’s May Experience in The First Week of Nursing


5 Breastfeeding Problems Young Mom’s May Experience in The First Week of Nursing

Hazel Price August 5, 2019

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Problem #1: “My breasts are hard and full.”

Are you fond of buying baby clothes and baby milk bottles in Malaysia? Shopping for your baby is all fun and enjoyable! Today, you can revel in baby shopping guides, but make sure that you are also ready to face all the challenges that may come with regards to parenting.

One of the challenges you might face soon are some breastfeeding problems. At some point, you will that your breasts feel firmer and fuller. If your little one is feeding frequently without any issues, then you can let this pass. But, what if you experience breast engorgement?


  • Consult a lactation consultant, breastfeeding specialist or healthcare professional.
  • Feed your child frequently. Feed her around 12 times every 24 hours.

Problem #2: “My breasts are leaking.”

This is a common situation, most especially in the early days of your breastfeeding experience. Usually, this settles down in around 6 weeks.


  • Never waste a drop of breast milk. Try using milk collection shells to collect leaked milk.
  • Protect all your clothes by wearing washable or disposable nursing pads inside your bra all the time.

Problem #3: “Breastfeeding hurts a lot.”

A simple breastfeeding pain may soon lead to tender, sore nipples. The worst case? blistered, cracked, and bleeding nipples.


  • See a breastfeeding specialist or lactation consultant in order to ensure that your baby’s body and mouth are positioned well, and that there are no latching problems. 
  • Try many breastfeeding positions.

Problem #4: “My kid is not latching correctly.”

Some infants just can’t manage to get good latch at first, and that’s fine. That means you just need a bit more time to get used to it, and get more coordinated.


  • To make things easier for you and your child, adopt different holds. She needs to be comfortable, and supported well to feed properly.
  • Draw out flat or inverted nipples. Nipple formers may fit comfortably inside the bra, and then apply gentle pressure.

Problem #5: “I do not have enough milk.”

At first, you might have a small amount of milk, because of all the hormonal changes that can trigger breast milk production. But, don’t worry. Your kid, at this point, has a tiny stomach, so this is not a problem.


  • Rest well. As much as possible, it’s also important to get help with chores.
  • Feed your baby on demand. Don’t base it on a schedule.