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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Hazel Price July 29, 2019

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  • Failing to Check Online Reviews

Choosing amongst the top website hosting companies in Malaysia can be an overwhelming job. One of the things that you can do help yourself is to explore hosting features by reading online reviews. Look into the overall performance, bugs, security issues, customer service and recent complaints. Just watch out for fake testimonials. 

  • Failure to Test Customer Support

Regardless of your web hosting provider’s quality work, at some point, you will still face occasional website hosting problems. In these circumstances, customer service will impact how your business is being managed. Several companies are offering 24/7 support, but very few of them fulfill this promise. This is the reason why you must test their efficiency before finalizing the deal with any firm. 

  • Going for Free Website Hosting Services

If you think that you will get a reliable website hosting service for free, then, you are wrong. In the website hosting industry, you always get what you give. Free services are convenient options are good for small communities and amateur bloggers, but never for bigger businesses and organizations. 

  • Choosing Based on Prices

Don’t purchase a website hosting package depending on the price alone. Clearly, this is not a credible indicator of its overall performance. Website hosting services can cost you anything between $5 to 11$ every month, though you need to consider many features before taking any primary action. 

  • Believe in “Unlimited” Offers

From time to time, you will see some ads promising unlimited features, most especially in the case of shared hosting providers who need to attract more clients. These claims are not true. There really is no such thing as unlimited storage or bandwidth. All shared hosting providers offer a particular capacity, and typically fails to live up to client expectations.