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Google Fabric is Shutting Down, So It’s Time to Migrate

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Google Fabric is Shutting Down, So It’s Time to Migrate

Hazel Price March 19, 2019

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The End for Google Fabric

The technology giant, Google, has just announced that Google Fabric is going to shut down in the middle of 2019. Therefore, users will have to migrate to the new Firebase platform if they’re still using Google Fabric to this day.

The News

Google is set to consolidate two of its mobile app development platforms together from the app designers into one. Fabric was the first in the scene and then Firebase came into play. The reason why they are set to be consolidated is due to the fact that both of them have similar and complementary features.

One of the most popular Fabric tools that many customers use is Crashlytics which is mainly used for crash reporting and extensive analysis about the crash. This feature along with the others will find a new home in Firebase.

According to Jason St. Pierre and Kristen Johnson, product manager and product lead for app quality, respectively, Google employees have been mulling over the possibility of creating a development platform that has it all. That is why the features of both Fabric and Firebase will be combined in 2019 and it just makes sense since their features are actually under one umbrella anyway.

Google Fabric is Shutting Down, So It’s Time to Migrate
Firebase is set to be a robust app development platform. In fact, Simon Margolis, director of Cloud platform at Los Angeles-based Google Partner SADA Systems, said that the platform is an “all-in” mobile development suite.

It houses amazing features; some came from Fabric.

The platform is set to change the app development landscape due to its robust features and its integration with Google’s Cloud Platform. This makes it incredibly easy for app developers out there.

How Crashlytics Came to Be?

As mentioned earlier, Crashlytics is actually one of the best features of Fabric. But, did you know that that didn’t come as a feature, but rather an actual company?

Crashlytics was a Boston-based startup company that created what is now known as the defunct Fabric. The very first feature is, you guessed it, a program that allows people to pinpoint the exact reason for the crash and then it provides analysis as well.

The company was acquired by Twitter only to be sold to Google in 2017. Firebase, on the other hand, was another startup company that was acquired by the tech giant back in 2014.

A Bright Future

Google Fabric is Shutting Down, So It’s Time to Migrate
Now that Firebase is in place, expect to see more robust and easy to use mobile applications in the future. For developers, you will be pleased to know that the development suite contains all of the things that you will need to make your app development life much, much easier.