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How to Choose a Web Hosting Service?

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How to Choose a Web Hosting Service?

Hazel Price June 20, 2019

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Technology and business are closely intertwined in this day and age. As people are using technology in their everyday lives, business owners should make it a point to take advantage of the medium as well.

One of the things that entrepreneurs should worry about is getting the best web hosting service provider out there.

By now, you’re probably wondering what it is for, but if you know how a successful business operates in this day and age, you will know what it is for.

A web hosting service allows you to have your website be seen on the internet. How do you choose the best one for your use-case? Well, there are 3 S’s that you need to remember: support, speed, and security.

Read on further to find out how they are viewed in this context.

1.What Kind of Customer Support Do You Need?

Customer support services are required by any business owner, but as to what extent you want to have it, that will depend on your use-case.

For instance, if you are managing only a small website and you have the technical know-how, you do not need a hosting service that does 24/7 customer support (although that would be ideal).

However, if you are managing a corporate website and it has to be as professional as possible, you may want to consider getting managed services. The hosting service will not only host your website, but in this case, they will also be the ones to manage your site as well.

2.Estimated Traffic Allowances

Website hosting companies give you storage and bandwidth allowances based on your need. If you have a relatively okay website with a less than stellar site visits per month, then you will not need an expensive hosting service at all.

However, things will change if your website apparently goes to the top of search engine results pages, where a lot of people can see your website and they will be able to visit it almost immediately.

If your case is the latter, then you will need to have a provider that gives you good bandwidth allowances to ensure that you accommodate all of your site visitors.

3.You Have to Understand the Different Server Types

Web Hosting companies in Malaysia, for example, have different server types depending on the need of the consumer. Since you are going to be the one to get the service, you will need to make sure that you know the different server types.

For instance, the most common server type is known as a shared server. As the name implies, this is where a lot of different websites are also placed inside a single server, which means that the resources will be shared by the entities that are within a single box.

Virtual private servers of VPS acts similarly as a shared server, albeit, it makes use of a virtual machine to support websites. This is much better than shared servers in that you will always be allocated a certain amount of resources as opposed to shared servers.