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Why Coding as a Service is the Future of Web Development?

Web Development

Why Coding as a Service is the Future of Web Development?

Hazel Price February 13, 2019

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The Future of Web Development

One day, you thought of putting up your own website and you’re thinking of the costs that you might incur during the entire process. Well, here is the usual rundown: provided that you know how to build your website from scratch, you can just use Google’s own web hosting service and they will charge you for just $12 annually.

But, what if you do not know how to code and you do not have any technical background as your foundation? Do not worry, there are WordPress and Wix to help you get started. These are content management systems that allow you to create a website just by clicking the base templates, the overall theme, and so on.

Why Coding as a Service is the Future of Web Development?You will have your own website and domain in under an hour without any hitch. And, as you probably do not know, WordPress alone powers more than 26% of ALL of the websites that you see today.

Just think about that. WordPress also gives you some plugins that you can start using for free, but if you want increased functionality, you can spend a little bit of money for more advanced features.

Again, if you want to have more amazing graphical features, you can spend $10 on a service such as Squarespace or Weebly. That will just cost you $10 per month which is pretty respectable given the power that you have when creating a website using their service.

So, you’re probably wondering where I am getting at? Well, all of these things are considered to be part of one umbrella and that is “Coding as a Service” or CaaS.

How This All Started?

Back in the early days of website development, people would have to painstakingly create their own websites from scratch using HTML and CSS as their backbone. But, any website for whatever purpose it serves would require a hosting service so that it can be registered and seen online.

In 2006, Amazon created the Elastic Cloud Compute or EC2 to help host servers for many website owners. That has actually paved the way for newer startups to get their website off the ground, up and running.

In fact, larger startups that we know today such as Snapchat, for example, is now making use of Amazon’s service and they even utilize what is now known as Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS, better known as the Cloud.

Why Coding as a Service is the Future of Web Development?People who have no technical expertise when it comes to web development can easily create a website of their own using different website builders available today. The templates that you can choose to create your own website have been made by a group of coders and developers who have to manually and painstakingly use programming languages to deliver to you a solid and smooth product.

However, that will all change given a little bit of time as artificial intelligence will then be utilized to create a suitable code for use on these platforms, making everything much easier and cost-effective.